Digitized Laser Cutting

Tiger Manufacturing - Laser Cutting.

Send us your drawings or sketches for a free quote, call today! You only have an idea? Check out our consulting services! We will help you develop your idea or dream into professional cad drawings resulting to a finish product or part that will satisfy your every wish.

The advantage of laser cutting: Precision cut shapes from plate stock materials up to 3/8” in thickness and from very small elements to 5’ foot x 10’ foot in size. Unlimited design shapes can be produced with laser accurate sharp and straight edges requiring minimal or no clean-up. If you can draw it, sketch it, squiggle lines, radius', lettering, signs, seemingly impossible cuts for your design can be generated utilizing the unique laser advantage. Many finishes are available upon request, from paint to powder coating.

33 years of knowledge and experience: We and our trained personnel will guide you through the process for a enjoyable final product. With all our years of knowledge, hands on know-how and experience in the field of CNC machining, we will provide you with the most up to date methods and technology.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Cost effective machining backed by 33 years of experience. Our consulting staff is always ready to help with your project.
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Superior Flame Cutting Services

Flame Cutting

Precision cut shapes from heavy stock materials from 3/8 to 6 inch thickness and large designs can be accommodated.
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Sheet Metal Bending & Plate Forming

Bending & Forming

You can have one piece construction of sheet metal or plate formed to have multiple angles, shapes, holes & knockouts of all sizes.
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Certified Portable Welding Contractor

Tiger Welding

L.A. Certified and D1.5 Certified portable welding contractor serving So. California for over 30 years. We handle all your welding needs.
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